Adjustable knot

We show you how to make an adjustable knot which is usable both when you make a bracelet or necklace with a nylon cord.

Simple loop & Windings

The technique with simple loop & windings can be used when you need to attach both pearls and pendants in both earrings, bracelets, necklaces eg.

Macrame technique

You apply this technique around the beads, when you tie between the beads. It results in a nice look. In the video, we explain what you need to be able to make a bracelet with attached beads.

Elastic bracelet

We show you how to tie an elastic bracelet which is usable when making fine pearl bracelets.

Tips & Tricks

This video shows how to close a chain with a clasp and how to use metal wire instead of a beaded rod.

Take good care of your jewelry

We give you some good advices on how to keep your jewelry beautiful, as well as recommendations on how to take care of your jewelry.



En lækker box med figaro kæde og ægte flotte perler
CELEBRATION BOX  The box is full of exclusive findings such as a nice figaro chain, a cross and two pair of hoops. As a surprise we have also added textile for a scrunchie and a cute little box of clam. Of cause you will find the most beautiful freshwater pearls and glass beads.  Now you are able to make both a bracelet, a necklace, earrings and much...
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Indeholder mere end 500 forskellige smykkedele og perler
THE STARTBOX contains a mix of selected findings, which are items that are obvious for beginners. We have mixed exclusive findings, which we know for sure will last a long time - and you will be proud to wear them.  Now you are able to make both a bracelet, a necklace, earrings and much more. The pictures are only for inspiration and we would love that...
Price kr299.00
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Tools, 3 pliers

We are so happy to present our new jewelry pliers, set of 3. It is our own Me & My Box set - made for you who love to design your own jewelries. About this product: - 1 Round nose plier  - 1 Flat nose plier - 1 wire cutter  Perfect for the detailed and meticulous work that goes into jewelry making, this set of must-have beading tools will simplify...
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